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3 Lessons I Learned from First Jewellery Show

You literally get lost in the glitz and glamour of the shimmering displays when you enter a jewellery show. The rarely of jewellery items from the other part of the world, the breathtaking designs, and the chance to see what’s hottest on the runway - as a retailer I had all the reasons to attend the India International Jewellery Show. Though you can shop wholesale at a number of events like craft fairs, exhibitions and conventions, there something about the jewelry shows which makes shopping a delight.

For a jewellery lover like me, the mere thought of seeing a plethora of designs at one place is a source of happiness. If you are into the jewellery business, exploring the stalls at the jewellery show will provide a great deal of information. It is the best place to discover wholesalers in your industry. What’s more, you get to learn about the latest trends in the market, current pricing, new jewellery making techniques, etc. I wasn’t aware how much I could learn from the exhibitors in the jewellery show until I attended a few.

Here are the five lessons I learned during the first jewellery show -

Don’t Buy the First Thing You See - Despite the variety of jewellery blueprints you see at the booths, you will find a number of seller offering the same products. At jewellery shows, both wholesalers and retailers are promoting their jewellery. You can’t buy a piece of jewellery without knowing if stall owner sells in bulk or retail as some of the retailers are often looking for large orders. Additionally, there is variation in the pricing of the wholesale providers. Before giving an order to any of the dealers, you should visit a few stalls.

A Prior Research - Looking at the top-notch jewellery on display can tempt you to buy silver chains even those you don’t intend. Most of the ljewellery shows publish a list of the exhibitors participating in the events on their website. If you already know the wholesalers who offer the collection that fits into your store, the chances of buying the wrong products are minimized. At least one week before go through the list of the sellers. Check out their websites. If you can’t find any, google their brand name, you will certainly get some clue of what they sells.

Budget - Assessing your entire inventory beforehand to find what you are short of. In my case it was the neck jewellery, I bought silver chains to entice the customers. Make a list of jewellery pieces you need to restock has two uses -

a.It stops you from buying necessary items.

b.You have a record of products and the total amount you will spend in the purchasing.

Whatever budget you come up with will be precise. For occasional jewellery items, you should still keep some extra amount of money. Carrying a debit/ credit card is a must, as it helps the wholesalers in processing bigger orders. Some of the dealers would not accept online and card payments. Therefore, carrying cash is a must.

It can take you an entire day to shop at India International Jewellery Show. It is crucial to carry all the necessities: water bottle, charger, seller permit, business card, pen, and a small dairy for note taking.