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7 Key Types of Nose Piercing!

· Silver Jewellery

If you have decided to have a nose piercing but you at still undecided about which way is the suitable one, then perhaps the below piercings will give you an idea of what you should go for. Here are some of the most popular piercings that you can choose from.

  • Nostril Piercing

The nostril piercing is the most popular of all the piercings. You can choose to have the piercing on the left on the right side. You can put a stud or a nose ring. Choosing the nose pin with 925 silver jewelry will give a perfect look to your nose.

  • Septum

Many people love the septum piercing since it is stylish. However, it is bait complicated than the nostril piercing. It has done by someone who’s skilled in nose piercing. The piercer has to look for an area that does not have a cartilage. The most popular jewelry for this kind of piercing is the circular barbell.

  • High Nostril

This type of piercing is done at the highest point of the nostril. It is just before the bridge of the nose starts. The piercing is done on the thickest part of the nose. It is a hard to reach area and thus the piercing can be complicated. Do not go to any piercer; make sure that he is skilled in doing such piercing. You can buy the nose pin and other silver jewelry through silver jewelry online India. The tools used for the high nostril piercing is the l-shaped pins, nostril screws, and studs.

  • Bridge Piercing  

The bridge piecing is done horizontally on the bridge of the nose. It is also called the surface piercing. Here, the bone of the nose is pierced. The body can reject the jewelry since it will push the foreign body outwards. In case such a case happens, then you should give the hole some time to heal. The ideal tool for the bridge piercing is the circular and curved barbells. It is not advisable to choose the straight barbell since there are higher chances of the body rejecting it.

  • Rhino Piercing

The other type of piercing that you can choose is the rhino piercing. It is also known as the vertical tip piercing. It is a rare and unique kind of piercing. In the rhino piercing, the curved barbell runs from the tip of your nose to the bottom.

  • Nasallang Piercing 

The nasallang piercing goes through both your nostril and septum. It is a very complicated piercing and requires symmetry and perfection to achieve the best look. When you choose the nasallang piercing make sure you go to an experienced piercer.

  • Austin Bar

The concept of the Austin piercing is the same as the nasallang bar. The only difference is that it passes through septum. It pierces horizontally at the fleshy point of your nose. It is a rare kind of piercing and it has been named after the person who get it first.