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3 Useful Tips to Pick the Right Silver Necklace

There is no denying the fact that silver jewelry is timeless. It is a must-have ornament in your personal jewellery casket. With endless choices available, it can be tricky to pick the right silver embellishments and sterling silver necklace. Before starting off with the silver shopping, it is imperative to gain knowledge about some basic facts. If you are wondering as of how to lay your hands on the perfect sterling silver necklace, then here are some tips to help you:

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Gain Knowledge About Silver:

It is not necessary that the same kind of silver is used in every jewelry. Over the past decades, the variations of silver have significantly multiplied. Jewellery manufacturers usually craft the finest pieces of jewellery out of sterling silver that comprises of 92.5% purity and 7.5% of alloy mix. This is mainly because pure silver is not ideal for jewellery making. Moreover, there are other forms of silver that a buyer can come across in the markets such as plated and toned. Silver-plated jewelry is not a pure version of sterling silver. It is coated with a durable metal to increase its life by many more years. Due to its economical price, it has become one of the sought after silver items. While investing in silver, you must know what the seller is offering you in return. Additionally, there are silver-tone necklaces that reflect a sparkling silver shade but has no trace of the real metal. The choice and suitability factor also affect the purchasing decision of a buyer.

Look for a Design:

What sets apart a silver ornament from another is its finishing and most importantly, design. For an animated style statement, thick chains are an appropriate pick whereas petite silver chains are ideal in routine. It is not certain that every chain may leave a similar impression on you. You have a choice to keep some personal favourites from the lot. And that’s absolutely okay. Also, keep the occasion in mind while buying a particular jewellery. Draw a close comparison between the different patterns and styles and go for the one that suits your personality the most.

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Do Not Avoid the Length:

Length of a necklace plays a vital role in opting for the preferable design. There is a difference of styles between short and long silver chains that one must not ignore. Necklaces with short silver chains give a specific frame to the wearer’s face. One major advantage of long patterns is its versatility. Fold it in two or third layers and survive multiple occasions and events without being caught. Generally, retailers charge high prices for long pieces. This makes it a less preferred choice.

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