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5 Jewellery Mistakes That Are Making You Look Older

A single piece of jewellery can make or break your look. On one hand, a stunning piece of accessory can spruce up your look and grab all the eyeballs for all the good reasons. On the other, an unmatched or outdated piece can ruin even your prettiest outfit and also get you all the attention but sadly for not-so-good reasons. Therefore, you have to pay a bit more attention to your styling and jewellery sense while getting ready for any special event. Whether you are wearing a simple piece like a silver pendant or something heavy and fancy like heavy earrings and maang tika, you need to make the right choice to receive a bag full of compliments. To make sure that you always get your style right and look your age instead of looking older, we have listed 5 mistakes that you must avoid while wearing jewellery. Have a look:

Wearing too much

Yes, you love to buy silver jewellery online and your wardrobe is full of new and latest designs of jewellery, you love flaunting them to your friends and family members. But do not try to wear everything at the same time just because you love all of them. ‘Less is more’ is what you must follow these days instead of putting on all the accessories and combining random earrings with any pendant. Trust us, you don’t want to look like a jewellery store, showcasing its designs and getting the attention of the people. You want to look classy and elegant which is possible only when you stick to something that is decent and subtle.

Sticking to old designs

Antique jewellery pieces are quite in these days and even famous personalities and actresses can be seen donning them at events and movies. However, not all old accessories can be called antiques. As much as you love ‘old is gold’ concept, it doesn’t hold true every time. You have to differentiate between the pieces that still are in fashion and the ones that are completely outdated. Some jewellery might need a bit of change in design and patterns with time.

Wearing jewellery set

Gone are the days when girls used to wear a jewellery set to college prom and weddings. That was the time when these sets were quite in and looked delicate on girls. However, with evolution in the fashion and jewellery industry, these sets have become outdated and are worn by married women these days. If you are under 30 and have to get dressed for a wedding or any special occasion, do not even think of picking a jewellery set that is matching to your dress.

Matching from head to toe

When we say do not pick matching jewellery set, we are also implying that you should not go for head to toe matching. Those days are over when you would match your earrings, silver pendant, bracelet, with your dress and everything was colour coordinated. Prefer mixing styles and different designs that can combined make a beautiful combination of different elements.

Incompatible metal

Your jewellery can be made of white, yellow or rose gold and each of these shades is perfect for girls with different complexion. The right colour will enhance your features and outfit while the wrong one can overpower everything else. Therefore, make sure that you choose the right metal and colour when you buy silver jewellery online or even gold jewellery for that matter.

Now as you are aware of some blunders that many girls make with jewellery designing, we hope that you will avoid them and up your style quotient a notch. Remember, be true to yourself and be confident in what you are wearing, everything else will fall in places.